Octopaul will provide basic realistic forecasting market functions in the early stages of the launch. The reality predicts that the market will use low-frequency high-frequency methods to allow users with global demand for predictions to participate in predictions,enhance the liquidity of octopaul tokens, and provide academic support for realistic predictions of this sociological proposition.

After completing the construction of the basic blockchain, octopaul will also provide different operational procedures and interface applications for the construction of realistic predictions in various industries such as finance, insurance, social politics, sports quiz, etc. based on the needs of other different industries. Market


Octopaul is based on the SEER public chain framework developed by the next generation of decentralized reality forecasting market platform. Octopaul uses market mechanisms to allow users to express judgments about future events and gather wisdom and opinions of all to effectively predict future events.

By introducing the multi-homing decentralized oracle (Oracle) function, Octopaul provides users with a neutral and credible decentralized reality forecasting market service. At the same time, the octopus treasure bottom integrated council and arbitration mechanism make the octopus treasures both highly efficient, neutral, credible and autonomous.


Encrypted forecast market

Introduced a highly efficient and encrypted private real-world forecasting market built on the blockchain, so that all information in the forecast market can only be known to designated participants and creators, and only designated participants can participate in it.The relevant information on the blockchain is also fully encrypted.Realistic prediction of anchor tokens in the market The introduction of anchor tokens within the scope of the specific forecast market introduction by TAG Kingfisher gives the market maker the position of the forecast market. It is up to the market maker to decide whether to open this option.

Anchor token

Realistic prediction of anchor tokens in the market The introduction of anchor tokens within the scope of the specific forecast market introduction by TAG Kingfisher gives the market maker the position of the forecast market. It is up to the market maker to decide whether to open this option.

Powerful performance

The public chain SEER of octopaul can achieve 3300 TPS concurrently, and the average operation confirmation time is 1.5 seconds. It can provide the equivalent of a traditional website, but based on the use of the blockchain, the performance is far beyond The existing forecasting market application based on Ethereum or other public chains provides infinite possibilities for the future development of Octopus.

Decentralized intelligent oracle

Octopaul introduced the decentralized oracle function based on the Multiple Hosts model. When using this function, the forecast market maker can specify a threshold. For example, if there are 10 oracles in the forecast market, they need to participate in the output. As a result, it requires that more than 7 prediction machines must be reached to adopt this result.


Sports quiz

Octopaul provides a decentralized and reliable sports quiz solution. In addition to the single-host oracle function, the user can also choose to use the more advanced decentralized oracle function based on multi-homed model design. The host model predictor can avoid the falsification of the traditional centralized service, single-point service failure and can't provide the result data in time, and set up a council to do the final gatekeeper for data correctness.

Asset price forecast

Asset prices, such as real estate prices and commodity prices, are closely related to people's lives. By setting up a forecast market and allowing the entire network to participate in predictions in Octopaul , ordinary users can obtain the most intuitive price forecast information for a certain category of assets.

Financial market forecast

At present, there are many deficiencies in forecasting tools that serve the financial market, such as low accuracy, low efficiency, and high costs. Octopaul provides a simpler, more reliable and more efficient forecasting market tool. There is no need for tedious setups. Users can set up a corresponding realistic forecast market in SEER and let the whole network participate in the forecast.


2018.1 Project Start

2018.6 Release Test Version



Jacky Liu
Product Director

The Product Director of Octopaul served in the development of Jiochat products led by Reliance Group with 15 years of product technology and team management experience. The product guided by him had the impressive record of 20 million users 10 months after the product launched.

Develop Director

Octopaul R & D director who is a senior engineer with 10 years of development experience. He was a senior engineer of a famous unicorn and participated in the construction of a famous public chain with rich experience in the development of block chain products.

Edan Guo
Operations Director

The Operations Director of Octopaul served in YinYueTai, Sina, Sina Weibo, CCTV, CNTV. He has led the management of products, operations, and content of billions of users. He has many years of experience in product operations for fans and the community.

Robin Li
Marketing Director

Octopaul Marketing Director, who is a senior marketer with 13 years of market and team management experience and was responsible for 8848 mobile phone and the brand case of “Tencent school season – “Senior Sister Hug Group”. He successfully helped 8848 become the first brand in the global market segmentation.

Business Director

Octopaul Commercial Director of America and senior sports economics expert. He was the Chief Operating Officer of Argensports Sports China. With years of blockchain technology research experience, he is familiar with the block chain market in America and successfully operated several large block chain projects in North America.

Ryan Wang
Operations Consultant

Octopaul consultant with 10-year experience in the Internet industry and 5 years of financial industry experience. With abundant operating experience, he is familiar with the Internet operating model, and successfully led the team to design, operate several DAUs of million level and apps with monthly income over 10 million. As private equity fund managers, he managed funds accumulated over RMB 2 billion in the recent three years.

Technology Consultant

Octopaul Project Consultant who is a Geek and a senior block chain developer. He is currently responsible for the development of block chain research and development of MI.

Project Consultant

Octopaul Project Consultant. BWVC founding partner, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business MBA, professional angel investors, investment projects include Keep, Xingzhan TV ,, Future Law, Si Gai ESports, Gedoumi, Fansunion, etc.

Wu Gang
Project Consultant

Octopaul Project Consultant. The founder of GEDOUMI and POWERFANS.The investor representative of SEER. he has many years of experience in exchange investment and sports industry. And he is a blockchain practice expert.








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